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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Email issues....

One minute I love it....
the next I hate it

Looks like I might be having issues with one of my email accounts

So, if you've emailed me on that account in the last week or so 
please contact me again using

I would really appreciate it.

Now....I'm off to do some fixin'

But first....I'm just going to share a few pics....
These were taken in the Tuscan countryside.
I rented a car while we were in Italy and we drove out
in the country to visit a winery.

I have to admit....driving in Italy was very fun.
I picked up on a few things right off the, the lane dividing lines are only a suggestion, speed limits are definitely a suggestion on the Autostrada, get over immediately when a BMW is bearing down on you flashing his lights,  you gotta go for it in the round-a-bouts....and don't hold your breathe when you go for it or you'll pass out : ) and don't run over any of the scooters that are buzzing around you at all times : )

Yes....I know....I take pictures of
But look how cute they are.....they're Italian chickens : )

Happy Stitching My Friends....


Barb said...

Wonderful photos. Driving sounds like quite an adventure!!!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

(I love italian chicken!)

Shirlee said...

My husband worked in Italy 2 years in a row & he has the same sort of stories about driving there ... lol! Love the photos!

Jean Bee said...

Hi Stacy....Hoping you will be sharing pictures of the before/after of your new shop/studio!!

Maddalena said...

Very beautiful work !
Hugs from Italy