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Monday, November 4, 2013

Back in the US

We're back home now from Italy and we had the best girl's trip ever.
My suitcases are finally unpacked and I'm getting the house back to normal again.
Thankfully, jet-lag wasn't as bad coming home as it was going.
Man....I think I lost an entire day in Italy.

Looking back on pictures it's hard to believe I was really there.
We saw so much....beautiful buildings, marble cathedrals, the Mediterranean......I had my feet in the Mediterranean : ), buildings older than our country, castles and tiny little cars : )

I'm starting to get emails and orders caught could take me all week.
So, if you've emailed me and I didn't get back to you please give me a few days.
You'll be hearing from me soon :)

And I'll post lots of pics.....starting with the R & R Retreat in Virginia Beach, then Boxwood & Berries in Wisconsin and ending in Italy.  Soooo many pics of Italy.

Happy Stitching My Friends...
I'll be back again real soon



Carmen Sutton said...

Welcome home love your new header

Chris said...

Welcome home!

Me and My Stitches said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see pictures from all of your travels!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

glad to know you're home safe & sound ~ sounds like a very cathartic trip!
can't wait to see all of your pics ~

msmartello said...

Welcome back! Sounds like it was fabulous!

Shirlee said...

Welcome home!

Faye said...

Welcome home Stacy~. Seems like the dyeing to Stitch retreat was ages ago... Just one month... I cat wait to see more of your travels.....

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