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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A few goodies

Meet Mittens the kitten....the newest addition to the Nash family.
She's 6 weeks old and just the sweetest little thang.
Her brother has a new home with a friend that lives around the corner so they get to have play dates.
Taylor has been the perfect little Mommy....she wraps Mittens up in a blanket and we take her everywhere in her little car seat (that's really made for baby dolls but it works just fine for kittens too).  She rides to school in the mornings and in the afternoons she tags along to pick Taylor up.    This afternoon she went to her play date in a stroller (that's also made for baby dolls : ) cute.
We are all having the best time.....except for maybe Phoebe the cat....she still holds out hope that Mittens is just visiting and maybe she'll go home soon : )

Mittens has a little sister that looks almost like her and a little fuzzy black brother that are looking for homes.  If you think you might be interested I can put you in contact with their Mom.

So much cuteness!!!

 Last weekend was ~In the Spirit of Friends~ show at Malabar Farm in Lucas Ohio.  
And I'm tellin' was too much fun.  I found another old sampler (last year I found Mary Burdus)....this one is a sweet little schoolgirl sampler dated 1819.  It's stitched on about a 20 count linen in the best pale colors of cotton thread.  And there are little dogs stitched at the bottom....that has to be my very favorite part.  
This one makes the fourth antique sampler I've acquired in the past several months.  
I know....I might have a problem : )
I absolutely can't wait to start stitching these......and the best part is I'll be offering them as patterns so you can enjoy them too. Look for sneak peeks in the next few months.

So, every year for this show I stitch a new design, and this years is the Ohio Farmstead Pinkeep.  I chose a nice R & R Reproductions Linen with good Autumn colors of DMC floss.....bittersweet, soot black and ghost grey.  And on the back of the pinkeep is black velveteen....yummy.
I have just a few kits left.  Go to the  Finished Goods  page on my website to see all the extra things I have available. I'm going there as soon as I finish here.  So, refresh the page if you don't see anything takes me a few minutes to get my act together.

I don't know the dates for next years show yet but here is a link to the ~In the Spirit of Friends~ blog

You will be able to find the dates for next year and the address to Malabar Farm.  If you haven't been yet be sure to put it on your calendar.  Believe's hard to stay in my space and work instead of shop the whole time.  All the early and primitive antiques and nice hand made things make me go bonkers : )

 I have a few sweet little wool Pear Pinkeeps and wool Strawberry Pinkeeps with velveteen tops available.  I'll be listing them on my website with 2 different Pinkeeps Kits.

Happy Stitching my friends....I look forward to hearing from you



Shirlee said...

What a cute kittie! And what a cute little girl as well : ) It is obvious that she is being the perfect mommie : )

basketsnprims said...

Taylor and her kitty look so sweet and I can just imagine the fun you are all having. I just ordered a blackwork kit, I hope I score one. I so look forward to your new samplers, I have Mary Burdis and it's wonderful.

Paula said...

Dear Stacy, The little kitty is so cute and Taylor is adorable! I can see she loves her new baby and has fun with her. I am glad you enjoyed the show and found another antique sampler. I look forward to seeing the patterns! Your pears and strawberries are beautiful! I am off to visit your website. Have a lovely evening!
Blessings, Paula

cucki said...

Aww new kitty is so cute and Taylor is looking so happy with her :)
Big hugs xxx

Lida said...

Lovely picture of Taylor and the kitten! Love the beautiful needlework! Greetings

Julie said...

We were so glad to have you at the show again this year. I had a great time sharing the crib with you!

pj said...

Stacy, good to hear you have another antique sampler to chart for us. FUN! Taylor is so cute and what a darling kitten. Name please?

Missed you at Boxwood! pam in iowa

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Baby and mamma look like a happy pair! Your new design is wonderful, no surprise there :) ~Kriss~

Theresa said...

Love the new addition to the family....such a sweet little face too. It was so nice to see you and the spirit of friends show and I hope we'll be able to see you again next year. :0)

Christine LeFever said...

How charming everything is on your lovely blog. That wee kitten is certainly adorable, as is your dear little Taylor.

Love the idea of the little dogs!