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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silk matka....

This is my new favorite fabric.
I've been using it along with reproduction cotton fabrics on the backs of my Pocket Roll, Pinkeeps and Sewing Rolls.
I've had a lot of emails from people wanting to know more about silk matka and where to get I thought I'd share.

This is what it looks like after it's been washed. The bottom 2 are a mushroom grey....the very bottom one I washed 2 times and it's a little lighter in color.
The top one is a good olive green color.

This one hasn't been washed yet and you can see how smooth and almost shiny it is. Plus after it's washed it gets nice and thick.

I've been really happy with my finished projects and I thought you might want to give it a go.

I talked to the girls at Country Sampler in Spring Green Wisc. today and they have 5 colors in stock. Email them or give them a call....they would be happy to send you some.
Here is their website with contact information:

Country Sampler

Happy stitching my friends....


Sweet Sue said...

My WIP is on silk, great to stitch on. Picked up several colors last summer, not evenweave, about 28 tpi, sturdy, primitive and comes in nice rich colors. A great alternative to linen for a primitive pieces. Wonder if it's the same silk you're referring to here...

Unknown said...

Hi Sue~
Didn't even think about trying to stitch on this. you have me thinking : )
I use this matka for the backs of my sewing rolls and pocket rolls....even backs of pinkeeps.
It's a nice alternative to the reproduction cotton fabrics I usually use.
Thanks my friend : )

old crow said...

Thanks Stacy, I was able to find to large pieces. Now all I need to do is wash it....any suggestions? Your items are so lovely, really looking forward to using this!!
Thanks again for the info!!
Mona Holland


Hi Stacy:
I'm just beginning to get some items ready for making pinkeeps.. I love all your a novice, what should I start with? and I just saw some items made with silk matka.. is that easy to cross stitch on or is is only used for backing and such.. See I want my pinkeeps to look professional.. ( like yours, LOL ) I have been a crafter of all kind of primitive items for years.. Have a website and two blogs...I need some help I'm just starting out.. already got an arm and leg invested in sewing lamps, patterns, etc.. Give my some practical advice for a beginner..


teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Fantastic fabric !

kiss to Venice


Anna Schafer said...

This is what it looks like after it's been washed. The bottom 2 are a mushroom grey....the very bottom one I washed 2 times and it's a little lighter in color.kalyan matka tips

Unknown said...

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