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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween
to all my stitching friends

Tomorrow I will be nursing a candy hangover : )



Angie said...

Happy Halloween Stacy!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

reallY??? like you think you're alone in your hangover???
er - mer - gerd- I started eating reese's the MINUTE I woke up this morning....really, i did,. and now i have worked my way up to twix & butterfinger,,oh yeah...twizzlers and milky-way. me in a couple of days ~ I should be better then.
{{{unless I find a 'secret' stash of candy-corn' .....}}}
oh! wanted to also say that P & I don't GET any trick-or-treaters!!! so all the candy we buy is.....SADLY.....ours.
xoxoxo to you ~

Primitive Stars said...

Happy Halloween!!!!!! I already ate way to much candy.......Blessings Francine.

Theresa said...

Happy Halloween Stacy may it be a spooky one! :0)

cucki said...

happy halloween dear friend..
spooky hugs from south africa xxx

Rebecca from Death By Thread said...

Happy Halloween my friend!


Barbara said...

So glad I am not alone in the candy frenzy. We haven't had our Halloween because so many have been without power and the trees that were down. It is expected to happen tomorrow. I wonder if I will have any candy left to hand out? When will I learn to buy something I don't like? Well, as if there was something I didn't like!

Doreen said...

I had one of those candy hangovers too!!!!

Hope your Halloween was a wonderful one.


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