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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A few extra kits

 Now that I'm home and getting things put away from our Virginia trip I realized that I have 2 extra kits from the Notforgotten Farm class.
The kit includes everything needed to assemble the Sewing Basket, Treat Bag and Strawberry Pinkeep.
If you're interested send me an email at's a cold day here on the homestead.  And I'm watching my oldest mow the grass in shorts and a t-shirt.  What on earth is wrong with that kid??
I have 2 layers of clothes on and my Ugg's.

We've been keeping an eye on the hurricane and thinking about all of our friends on the east coast.  
Pat from R & R Reproduction Linens said they are riding it out.
They are only 7 miles from the coast....oh my goodness.
And I would imagine Virginia Beach looks a little different from when we visited just a few weeks ago.  Hopefully King Neptune has a firm grip on that turtle : )
So hang in there east coasters....we're wishing you all the best and hope this passes without too much trouble.
On a fun note....this is the old velveteen I found coming back from Virginia.
I almost fell down when I saw it.  I thought it wasn't true. 
Thankfully Mom was with me because she is the one that dug down and found the first piece.
I snatched it all up so fast it would've made your head spin : )
So on this cold October afternoon we are busy making this wonderful stack of velveteens into sweet little pinkeeps.  
I'm sure to go to bed tonight with a big ol' smile on my

Happy Stitching my friends....



cucki said...

Beautiful kit..
Me thinking of you so much..
Big hugs cucki xxx

Unknown said...

What gorgeous velvet! Can't wait to see what you create with it :-D


Anonymous said...

The kits are beautiful..I hear ya on the shorts..My neighbor(a younger man)shovels his snow in shorts all of the time..It's a running joke when my husband is out there all bundled up and the neighbor is out there like he lives in the Bahamas..HaHa..Have a wonderful evening..

Lida said...

What a beautiful kit, I love the basket! Oh that velvet is lovely, I can feel your smile when you wrote about it! Enjoy!

Shirlee said...

Beautiful velveteen!