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Monday, September 20, 2010

In the Spirit of Friends Show

My husband kindly accompanied me to the show on Saturday and we had the best day.
A big thank you to everyone that came by to was so good to see you all.
The weather was gorgeous....we couldn't have asked for a better day.

And a big shout out to Barb from Early American Home in Findlay, OH. She arranged a bus tour from her shop to the show. What a great idea. Thank you again Barb and thank you to everyone on the bus tour.

Right before we left home I went out into the corn field and broke off tops of stalks for my arrangements. I told my husband if I wasn't back in a few minutes to come and get me....I was either lost in the field or in jail. He told me to take bail money : ) What a smarty pants.

I love this old green hanging be honest I don't know what to call it.
I've had it a long's one of my treasures from Valley Forge.
I call it Martha Stewart green.
The slats have old nails hammered into them willy nilly and the bottom is a little cubby.
My Mom put burlap on the back for me and it worked out really well for the show.

More Martha Stewart green stuff : )
I think I collect things by color.

And I have to share some of the goodies I bought myself at the show.

This is so sweet.....I found this little wallpaper covered wooden box just a few booths down from mine. I almost died when I saw it. The lid is domed just a bit and the paper has a sweet little print.
And inside is a tiny little nest my husband found when he was out walking around. He found a little feather so he put that in the middle of the nest for me also. I added the tiny egg......the house wrens left if for me in their nest this Spring. They make one there every year. Maybe it was their gift to me for the use of my door. I do so treasure it. It's about the size of a jelly bean.

How sweet is this little's so small. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to come home with me. The base of the chair is old and it's been newly covered in linen.
The old wooden legs stick out from the linen shirt and I love that.
It reminds me so much of a chair my great Grandma had.....hers was the same shape but it was covered in a drab green cotton with big white peonies. Isn't it funny the things we remember.

My wallpaper cute is this.
I'd like to leave the box in the chair to keep Phoebe the cat off but I think I like it better sitting atop a stack of linen and wool blankets.
Phoebe loves nothing better than to lay in my baskets of linens and wools and coverlets.....and I'm sure this chair will become another favorite napping spot.

I found these 2 little treasures in the same booth.....and there were many many more things I would like to have had. But I had to be good since my hubby was with me : )
I have been wanting one of these bunnies for so long. This little guy just jumped out at me. He's so worn and he has a floppy ear.....I love that. To be honest I don't know much about them but I do love the look.
And the sugar mold.....there are 3 hearts carved in this nice thick piece of wood and the middle heart has a cross carved in it. I've seen these used to hold jewelry but I think I'll use mine on my stitching table to hold needles and buttons.

I took a brand new pattern Halloween pattern to the show and it was a big hit. So I'm off to list it on eBay and to update my website.

Happy Stitching My Friends....


Berit said...

Oh, you tease! Please say you'll show us a bit of this Hallowe'en Goody here! I just blogged about getting some stash including your Hallow's Eve Pin pillow, and was wondering what fall stitches you might be concocting!

moosecraft said...

Great booth! All of these photos are so beautiful! I'm a big fan of the martha green too! LOL! Love that sugar mold. :-)

Faye said...

Your treasures are beautiful~~~ I LOVE the Martha Stewart green hanging "thingy"...SO diverse!! And the little pleats in the linen covering the chair is perfect...Thanks so much for these inpiring photos!! Cant wait for your new stuff to come out~~ Take care, Faye

Teena said...

So Nice to see you Saturday...Love looking at your things in real life, they are so much better than the pictures!!! :-D

How do you come up with all your ideas?............

The Eveningstitcher said...

Stacy..I was so nice to finally meet you on Saturday after years of stitching your beautiful designs. I am so thrilled to have purchased the sewing bag from you at Malabar! I am already putting it to good use! And..I love the Malabar Farm sampler you designed for the show.

Else M Tennessen said...

Your displays are precious. Thank you for sharing!