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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is what I've been working on....

I think I'm still trying to settle into our school schedule. I've been staying up way too late and getting up way too early. All I want to do these days is sit and stitch.
And now I have all this finishing to do.....ugh.
It's not like to me stitch something and not finish it right away. So now I'm going to pay with a week of nothing but finish work : )

I've been stitching on this black linen and I really like it.
It took me a little bit to get used to stitching on something so dark but I finally got the hang of it.
I've noticed it's easier to stitch on outside in natural sunlight. Taylor and I have been going to the park in the afternoons so I take it along and do a little stitching while she's running around burning off some energy.

I can't decide about this ~Eliza Ann~ on black linen.....should I make it into a little sewing pouch or a pinkeep??? The only bad thing about the black linen is I can't stuff it with wants to stick all over and it's just a mess. Cotton stuffing isn't bad....I just prefer the sawdust.

Oh yes....I wanted to tell you, I dyed my linen black myself. When I was working on the ~Merry Hallowe'en~ Book I dyed a yard to mess around with. I used the liquid Rit black dye. It took 3 times of dipping and drying to get it right. And I'll still use the walnut dye to age the cotton fabrics I'll use to finish it....and it will age the floss nicely too.

~Something Wicked This Way Comes~
I love this one and I can't believe I haven't finished it.
This is going to be a Sewing Bag with wools on the outside and reproduction cottons on the inside.
And on the back I think I'll stitch ~BOO~ in some old wools. Fun!!

The black horse wind vane is either going to be a Journal or a pinkeep. It's done in pumpkin, black and moss colors and I have some really good fabrics to go with it.

If these 2 things turn out I'm thinking about making them into patterns.
They would be really fun : )

I'm going to make another ~True Love~ Sampler Bag to take to Malabar Farm in a couple weeks.
And the ~Peace & Plenty~ will be a hanging pinkeep. It's really nice finished.
And it's from the ~From Hollyhock Farm~ Book. I love the colors.

Oh my.....I really love this one too. I'm thinking about stitching up another one of these really fast. But....I have to finish this one first.
I'm not crazy about the color I used for the basket....I think it was DMC 611.....I'll change that on my next one. But once I age it maybe I'll be happier.

This is going to be a Sewing Pouch. I have some great black fabric for the back and I'll choose a good reproduction cotton for the inside.....something with a pumpkin color.
And I think the next one I stitch will have a slit opening in the front like the old ladyes pockets.

Oh, I'd really like to do one on raw linen with the original colors from the book and finish it in wools. I would love that. Maybe I can get it done before Malabar would be great to take along.

I'm off to tend to a little laundry and then some finishing...

Happy Stitching my friend


basketsnprims said...

I love them all. I just finished Eliza Ann & made it into a hanging sampler ~ I love it, love the whole book. Thanks again for such great patterns.

Melissa said...

They're all so scrumptious!

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

A great post Stacy!!!..Thanks for sharing!!!...They are beautiful!!...I'm working on Eliza Ann on evenweave right now and will make it into a pinkeep...I also did the "Read Your Doom" pinkeep...The colors are perfectly drabby and it lays in the lap of one of my primitive dolls...Thanks for such great designs for us to stitch!!~~hugs,Jen

Anonymous said...

Stacy,like everyone else...I love all of them too! Your patterns are just beautiful! I hope to see you at Malabar Farm!~Kathy

Julie said...

Everything looks great to me, Stacy. I have the black Rit dye as well, but the black really scares me. I'll definitely do a test dip before the actual dyeing of the linen.

Keep up the excellent creativity!

bittersweet said...

Stacy, just love your pinkeeps and bags, and all that hold the sewing items. Bring lots to Malabar, yours is the fist booth I am going to drool over and hopefully bring home something from there, only a little over a week away and all of us gals that are going are so excited, especially since you are there with your wares!!!!
Have a safe trip and pack lots of goodies. How is that for putting more pressure on you. ha.

Me said...

could you create a black "pillow" form with the sawdust? This way it will not poke thru the black fabric and you can still use the medium you like the best?

Linda said...

Stacy....I just don't know where you find the time to create all of these. You energize me!!!!! Linda,

Marianne said...

Do like the new patterns, will watch for them! Your finishes are always wonderful!!

Susie said...

I recently made a pincushion from a free Moda pattern on their website. It said to fill it with crushed walnut shells you buy from a pet store. It is dark colored, with fine grains like sand and filled the pincushion nicely. Maybe this could be your solution to the saw dust in black fabric problem. I used it this week and plan on using more on stitched items that I need some weight and good form with. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...