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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun at the Farm....

Here are a few pics from the Malabar Farm show last Saturday.
We had the best weekend.....the farm is beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better weather.
The girls that promoted the show did a fantastic job and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they do it again next year.
Thank you again Tammy, Debbie, Carol, Carolyn & Julie !!!
I had a few free minutes from my booth to look around and I found so many good primitive things. I bought some wonderful old wools that I can't wait to use and I bought myself an early birthday present from Lori Ann Corelis......I'll post a picture of my little treasure tomorrow.

The Black Horse Sewing Pouch turned out really nice.....I had so many requests to make it into a pattern so I'll start working on that right away.

I love this one....this picture is not good but look for it to be a pattern the first of Oct. I'm going to offer a few kits for this one too. And it has some fun wool applique on the it!!!
I gotta tell ya that I'm loving the black linen. When I stitched this design I wasn't too crazy about it but after it was finished I fell in love. The strap is long enough to wear across your body like a purse. I can't wait to make more.....I might even have to keep one for myself : )
Well this is husband snapped this when I wasn't looking or I would have had my hand in front of my face. I must confess a few things....I don't like having my picture taken and I get nervous in big crowds of people.
I know....I's crazy....but I'm working it.

I want to thank everyone that came to see me at the show.....I loved meeting you and it's so nice to have a face to go with a name. You have all inspired me so much.

Until tomorrow.....
Smiles to you my friend : )


Linda said...

Stacy - I love it do you get on the kit list???? I'm with you all the way on getting pictures taking and being in front of crowds makes me sick too my stomach. Smiles to you! Linda

Doreen Frost said...

Stacy...I love all the pictures..they are lovely..I LOVE the black linen..that little purse is fantastic..I would LOVE a kit too!!!!

Have a great evening,

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh, I'm so loving that black linen!!..I have alot of black in my home...Black is such a pain to stitch on at night, but I will definitely be trying it again!!...I love the little purses...Looking forward to patterns!!!~~hugs,Jen

Patti said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend ~ wish it was close enough to attend :) Love your new pieces and will be watching for the patterns!

Blessings, Patti

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Love your work! I relate to your confessions - I don't so much mind having the picture taken, I'm just NOT photogenic. As for the groups, we had retreat this weekend, and I loved it, and the people, but it absolutely wears me out! So much so that I had aches, chills, and napped all afternoon Sunday.

basketsnprims said...

Love them all & can't wait for the patterns or kits. Love the black linen ~ I may try & dye some when your patterns come out. You are such a cutie!

mainely stitching said...

I am so glad that Monique tipped us off that you have a blog now! Yay! :D

Julie said...

I think you look cute and comfortable and that is all that matters. I'd rather be comfortable than look good all the time.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

You do look comfortable and relaxed!

Love your designs!


HomeSpunPrims said...

Your booth was just wonderful! My first thought in meeting you was how pretty you are. I love your designs and finishes.

Lori Rippey