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Monday, August 31, 2009

My favorite place to visit....

Yesterday we visited our favorite creamery....Trader's Point Creamery
in Zionsville, IN.
Taylor found a new friend right away. This sweet little thing ran right up to
us like she had been waiting all day for us to arrive.
Taylor was sure she needed to go home with us.
But I'm pretty sure kitty has is made there at the creamery.
She gets fresh milk everyday.

And take a look at this sweet little baby. How can you not fall in love with that face.

The chickens are my favorite part of the visit.....they free range over the
farm and produce the best organic eggs.
I would have a bigger herd of chickens if we had room here on
the homestead. I love to make them cornbread and listen to them
go crazy with peeps and coos.
There's nothing better than sitting on the porch with stitching in my lap
as the chickens scratch around under the holly bushes.

We had the most wonderful relaxing day was sunny with just
the slightest chill in the air.
There's nothing like farm animals to re-charge my batteries : )

And now today I'm going to tear into that old green wool blanket. I'm almost
finished stitching the sampler for the front and I think I'm going to applique BOO on
the back with some scraps of old wool.

Oh, and the best news is Taylor's first day of pre-school.
It has been a long summer.
She woke us up at 6 am to let us know she goes to school today : )
We call Taylor our 'spirited' child. She is non-stop, high-maintenance and
very strong willed. But we love her. She inspires me between making me crazy :)
I'm in the process of designing a prairie inspired girls clothing line
for her........ Tater Bean's.
What does Tater Bean mean you ask.....well Daddy started that when she
was just a baby. Her name is Taylor Jean and Daddy nicknamed
her Tater Bean.
She was the size of a bean when she was born and it just caught on.
Daddy even made up a Tater Bean song and it still makes her
giggle uncontrollably when he sings it.

This is the first time I've told anyone outside of my family about my plans.
It's still on the drawing board but I'm very excited about it.
When I get my samples stitched up I'll post some pics.
I could use some input about them.

Have a wonderful day my friend. And I hope you have time for a little
stitching.....I can hear mine calling me now....

Smiles to you, Stacy


Tanya said...

She is darling!! Hope she enjoyed her day at school :) Ben starts next week - the fifth grade. Eek! Zack won't be at preschool until he's three, next year. Time just goes too fast!

Looking forward to that clothing line - how fun! I wish I had girls to enjoy it...can I dress my dolls instead? LOL


dee said...

Oh, Stacy, what a beautiful little girl..... I bet she had a wonderful day at pre-school. Such an exciting age.... Blessings, Dee

basketsnprims said...

Tater Bean is gorgeous, Stacy. I'm so happy ~ my pattern & Christmas book arrived today. Can't wait to get caught up this evening so I can stitch. We were at our cabin for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love that name "Tater Bean"! so cute! and a fun idea too! She is as cute as a bug's ear! (: Best wishese~Kathy

Christine said...

Just found your new blog-it went on my list right away! Love your work and look forward to seeing more from you :) Taylor is a sweetie! Looks like you had fun on the farm!


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

I have a Taylor that we call Tater Bug...Taylor is my maiden name...I got your Halloween booklet..I absolutely love it!!...I have already finished one of the designs and I just got it Tuesday~~hugs,Jen

Anonymous said...

Aaaawww.. Isn't Taylor just the sweetest little darling you have seen..LOL.. well, you will be biased of course..haha.. but she has got the cutest little face.. oh the days of enjoy them...
Much love n hugz xxx your aussie mate, Tea

Linda, NE Iowa said...

Oh, my goodness! Taylor is a doll but surely such a precious little girl couldn't possibly be strong willed! And just how are you going to find time for a new clothing line? Don't you dare give up designing new stitching designs. ;)