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Thursday, August 27, 2009

So many textiles, so little time....

I collected these little treasures over the summer and they have been
screaming at me to do something with them.
The wool blanket on the bottom is to die's the softest wool blanket
I've ever had and the satin border is hand stitched.
I found it in a little antique shop in Pentwater, Michigan.

The coverlets are good and worn so I will cut them up.
The coverlet on the top also has a bird design that I'm really excited about.....
I'm not too crazy about the roses.

And the feed sacks are my favorite little treasures.
They have good printed labels and are nice and thick.
I plan to do a little wool applique on them
and make them into Sewing Pouches and Sampler Bags.

I've been staring at this stack for a good month now
and I'm itching to start cutting and stitching.

The green wool blanket will make the best Halloween Sampler Bags....
and maybe even a Sewing Pouch.
I can just picture the drab green wool on the outside
with a good early sampler done in old browns, black and even a dirty pumpkin color....
and maybe a worn brown cotton fabric on the inside.

I'll take some of the finished bags to the September show at Malabar Farm in Ohio....
~In The Spirit of Friends~
And I'll put some on my website too.

My poor brain is bursting with ideas...I can't wait to finish a couple to show you.

Smiles to you my friend....


Mouse Droppings Folk Art said...

Sounds great...can't wait to see what you create. Susan

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Stacy, they're all beauties, have fun, stop itchin and start stitchin!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! (:

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I bought a green wool army blanket from a thrift shop last year and i have had the best time making things from that! LOL
Cant wait to see what u have in store!

Patti said...

LOVE your new textiles! I just received a feedsack for my birthday that I love... Your coverlets are beautiful - I've been looking for some cutter pieces myself, but all that I have found have been too nice to cut :)
Blessings, Patti
p.s. Say hi to your mom!

NIKY said...

How I understand you! It's always the same for me, I buy so many things that I think they'll be needfull sometime and then my brain starts to plan...never enought time!

Doreen Frost said...

Sounds wonderful!


Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations, Stacy!

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Welcome to the blogging world Stacy!!!...I just bought your new halloween booklet the other night and can't wait to get it...I look forward to visiting your blog...Come on over and visit mine when you have a chance...hugs,Jen

Warm Regards, Jan said...

Stacy, I am a huge fan of yours and love your designs. I'm so glad you now have a blog and I look forward to reading it and being inspired.