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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well my friends.....I wanted to get that sweet new little pattern listed today but somehow time has gotten away from me.
Spent the majority of this fine day at the courthouse wading through paperwork and fees and inspections in order to open this little studio of mine.
So, with regret I am going to have to unveil it in the morning.
That is after I've had some coffee : )
I wish you all a lovely evening and thank you so much for your patience



Lori Ann Corelis said...

Take time to BREATHE Stacy :-)
Congrats on the studio opening!
Yay on the pattern . . and can't wait to see you in November!!!


linda said...

Love the new design! Rest a minute or two!

moosecraft said...

ok. one more sleep and a pot of coffee... we can handle that! :-)

Angie said... will all come together great:) Coffee is always good. It's beneficial to your health.

LaNelle said...

Rest....tomorrow is another day...will look forward to enjoying the pattern with my coffee as well.

cucki said...

Take care my dear xxx

Unknown said...

...patiently waiting .....