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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm back from Notforgotten Farm

 How would you like to walk thru this gate every day?
I would be one happy little stitcher : )

Soooo beautiful!!!

Mom and I had the best trip....and the class was so fun.
Everybody worked hard and they finished their sweet little Sewing Baskets.
 Just look at all these busy little bee's.....and nobody is crying : )

 Oh my goodness....Lori's shop is filled with so many goodies.
You see that far's filled with Lori's pattern samples. 
I almost lost my mind......she is a very talented artist.
I'll have to show you what I's soooo fun!!

 How cute is this little cupboard?
I collected feathers from Lori's Guinea's....they are really pretty.
And I added a bundle of old letters and the sweetest little birds nest that my husband found for me.  
I love this little thing....I'm so happy to have it.
It will always remind me of our wonderful trip to Notforgotten Farm.

 And it just wouldn't be the season of gathering without a wheelbarrow.
And it had the cutest little child size hoe.
It's going to have a happy home on my table for awhile.
For Christmas I'll fill it with greens, berries and pinecones....I can't wait.

 This little mouse was calling my name.  
It has a nice home in my Maggie cupboard.
It just wouldn't be Halloween without a sweet little mouse.

Lori made the sweetest you know I had to have a couple of those.
Aren't they awesome!!
And they are old velvet......even better : )

 Peter made a fire in the afternoon and it smelled so good.
It was a perfect day....the sun was shining it was just warm enough.
And every now and again we would could smell the fire.

Peter even grilled us chicken for lunch and man oh man was it good.

 How sweet!!!

 After class Peter and Lori gave us a tour of the farm.
You can see the Guinea in the background.
And these little hens were so happy.

 Well Hello there....

 And there's nothing cuter than chicks with their Momma.
These little guys were hungry.

 I mean...come on now.....
could you be any cuter??

 And here's my favorite boy....Pinocchio 
Look at those ears.....who couldn't fall in love with him.
He was being so silly.....what a show-off!!!

 And Daisy is awful sweet.
Peter gave them treats and they were ready to come out and play.
Believe me....if I could have gotten them in the van without Lori seeing I would have.
Oh might not want to tell that to Lori.....she won't have me

 Ok.....too much cuteness!!!

 This is where I could have my coffee every morning.
And then spend the day stitching.

 And before we left the deer came out.
You can see one in the picture but behind her there were at least eight more.
As we drove out they scampered away.

 : )

 Guess who......
it's Toby
Lori made this little basket during class and it's the perfect size for him.

A big thank you to everyone that came to was a great day.
And thank you to Lori for having me.....I love being at the farm.

And after we left Notforgotten Farm we headed East to.....

 And I made a bee line to Dyeing to Stitch.
It was a good day!!

Pat from R & R Reproduction Linen helped me chose linens and threads for the 4 antique samplers I have and I can not wait to start on them.
I'd like to have at least a couple stitched and the patterns out by the end of the year.....but we'll see.
Some things are easier said than done.
But it's something to look forward to.

 It looks so nice.....but boy was it cold.
I couldn't get my shoes off fast enough and get out there to the water....
and then whammy......the water hit my legs.
But it was so worth it to have sand on my feet.

 Just look at how beautiful this is.
We couldn't have asked for a better day.

 King Neptune
The detail in the statue is amazing.
And it gigantic.....I might have been able to reach up high and touch the turtle.

 We had a nice morning drinking coffee with King Neptune.
It was hard to get in the car and drive away.
But I knew there were antique malls calling for us : )

I can almost feel the sun on my face just looking at this picture.

This was a great trip.....Mom and I had so much fun.
And there are so many things I want to show you and tell you about.
But Taylor is in the shower and it's almost bedtime so I'll have to spread this out over a couple days.

So did I tell you that Taylor had 2 weeks off for Fall Break.
Oh my gosh....who's idea was that??
The first week was fun but the second week seemed like it was never going to end.
She finally went back to school on Monday and I don't know who was or her.

And since I was gone she had a list of stuff for me when I got home.
We had to carve pumpkins.....go to the orchard.....decorate the house for Halloween....have a thousand play dates and in between all of that I tried to get a little work done.

But....I'm still really behind.  So....if you're waiting to hear from me I'm slowly getting caught up.
And I'm not traveling anymore this year so I hope to get some stitching done.....
so many little time.

So you know last year when I was driving home from Lori's I got the idea for the Blackwater Hollow Sampler. happened again.  Driving home I sketched out another sampler that I can't wait to work on.  I can see it in my head....and I even had the linen and threads picked out.
But I promised myself I would get everything caught up before I start on it.

And if you've been wondering about the book....well, hang in there.  I'm going to get it finished up so it can go to print.  I'm sooooo behind.  But I know it's going to be worth the wait.  My photographer is the best and the pics turned out amazing.  And my editor is an angel.  

So this year has been lots of fun but I've done a little too much traveling.
Next year I'll be at Country Sampler's ~Boxwood & Berries~ in Spring Green.
And I'll be at the ~In the Spirit of Friends~ show at Malabar Farm in Luca, Ohio.
The rest of the time you'll find me here at home stitching away.  I have so many things in my notebooks that I have to get done.  Right now I have 2 notebooks full of ideas and I just started a third.....yikes
Soooo many little time.

 ok....Taylor is now standing in front of me giving me the stink eye.  Looks like she's ready for bed.

Check back every now and again.....I'll be posting all the stuff I didn't get to tonight.
And it's alot!!!!!


Lida said...

Whow, what a nice farm and what a lovely things you are showing! Love the animals and the beautyful surroundings, wish I lived there!
The class looks fantastic, what an inspiration!
Hugs from Holland,

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, what a wonderful place. "I would so love to walk through that gorgeous gate everyday. Adore the wheelbarrow on the table. Actually I love everything I have seen

cucki said...

such a lovely farm..i love it from my is truly a very special place..
thank you for sharing..
hugs cucki xx

Shirlee said...

It sounds like a better time could not have been had : ) I'll be looking forward to those new designs : )

Paula said...

Dear Stacy, I enjoyed all of the gorgeous photos! I love seeing Lori's beautiful farm and her amazing shop! I wish I could have been there to meet you both and take your class. It looks like such fun! I love the beautiful things you purchased and how you decorated with them. So sweet and inspiring! Like you, I would want to bring the darling farm animals home with me. They all have the sweetest faces. I have seen Toby on Lori's blog, and I LOVED this capture of him in the beautiful basket she made for him. It is perfect! I am glad you had such a nice time and enjoyed the beach too. Love the statue. That is amazing! I look forward to your book and the patterns you are working on. It is a blessing to have so many ideas. I hope you can find extra time to stitch. Love, Paula

Theresa said...

I wish Lori lived closer so I could have taken your class. At least I felt like I was there after seeing all your lovely photos. :0)

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

What a great trip! SOMEDAY I will get to Lori's while you're there giving a class and get to meet two of the people that inspire me the most. You sound like me with the I need to get mine off the ground!! Love to have you drop by for a visit. There is a link on my blog for my Pinterest site and I have a board there with a few of my patterns. Happy Stitching ~Kriss~

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

always a pleasure to have you visit us, my friend!!! thanks for sharing your talent & your mom with us! ~ didn't know you snuck out to take so many pics of our fur & feather friends here...peter must have been in his glory showing you around....where was I??? (prolly having a cup of merlot in the shop!) please come back & see us soon! xoxoxox

Unknown said...

It was a great day wasn't it? I loved the project you created for the class, thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I learned so much!!! And your mom is a stitch! :-)

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