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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A slight delay in plans

As we speak on I'm my way to Phoenix to visit The Attic Needleworks....I can't wait to see the shop.
I got up super early and caught my flight to Memphis to connect to Phoenix so I could have a little fun free day and low and behold my connecting was canceled.
Ugh....canceled. I'm sitting here in Memphis waiting to catch a flight to Atlanta so I can catch a flight to Phoenix.
Does something seem wrong with this picture??!!

And maybe with a little luck and 14 hours later I should arrive safely in Phoenix.
I just pray my luggage finds it's way....goodness knows where it's going.

And this is the best part.....I have a stack of linen, a handful of yummy floss....
and NO needle.
It's like sick and twisted torture!!!!
I would kill for all of this free time at home....and yet here I am with 9 more hours to kill....and not 1 needle.
I might have to rent a car and go find a craft store : )

So....since I have a little time on my hands and I can't stitch I thought I'd update my website and blog.
I made a few sweet little Sewing Boxes & Thimble Boxes.....and Pinkeeps before I left but didn't have time to get them listed.
Here are just a few.....

1820 Pinkeep stitched with hand dyed floss on aged linen.
And on the back is the sweetest little wool heart.

Thimble Box with linen strawberry

Sewing Box with wool strawberry

If you'd like to see them all stop by my ~Finished Goodes~ page of my website.
Stacy Nash Primitives Website

Just email me if you are interested. My Mom is holding down the fort for me while I'm away and she's standing by if anything needs to be shipped.

Happy Stitching my friends...


Carmen Sutton said...

Too bad your not in Nashville, I would have run a needle over to you! Or better yet you could have come to the house and stitched there! Hope they don't give you and futher delays. Enjoy your visit to the Attic

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

"sick & twisted torture"...

no needle...the HORRORS!!!!
I keep one slid into the lining of my purse for just such a mishap!

Be safe, my friend!

Unknown said...

Good that really does suck, doesn't it!! I'd be paying someone to do a PA for anyone in the airport traveling with their know there has to be at least one other stitcher in the joint??!! LOL! Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

Love the finishes you shared with us...gorgeous pieces!

Enjoy your visit to the Attic...take pictures please??!!

Happy Stitchin'

Unknown said...

So funny Lori....I just said I should have done that. And then my Mom chimed in and said security would probably want to do 'an extensive body search' if they found it. LOL this point it would be worth it!!!

Carmen my friend....I wish I was in Nashville!!!! You would have gotten a call early this morning to come and get me : )

Thanks my friends...


pj said...

Oh ugh! Terrible to be without can that happen to you! You will love the Attic and spending time with Jean! She is a wonderful lady....have fun~! I wish you the best for your flights tho...have a safe trip! pam in iowa

Farm Girl said...

So sorry you are stranded and no needle, I know the utter hopelessness it feel like to hold every thing in your hand and no needle. I hope you have warm weather in Arizona. I love your website and I have 3 of your books, just got the Christmas on at Christmas so I haven't had a chance to work on anything. Have a nice time though, once you get there.

Penny said...

Good luck with all your connecting flights -- hope you have a safe trip and a fun time! (And I wonder if you would be able to travel with your needle?!)

Patti said...

Oh Stacy you poor thing!
I've been there myself and now always keep a package of needles in my purse. I hope that one miraculously appears ~ or an angel appears and gives you one (maybe a fellow passenger?)
Have a wonderful trip and send some of that sunshine our way!
BTW, I love the "love" box ~ so sweet!
Blessings, Patti