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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just back from Arizona

I have so much to might want to sit down with a cup of coffee.

I'm just back from Arizona where I taught for The Attic Needleworks in Mesa, Arizona.
The weather was just amazing.....I couldn't have asked for better.
It was hard to come back to the cold and dreary.

And these cactus were the most incredible things I'd ever seen.
They are everywhere around the Phoenix area.
From what I understand they only grow one other place in the US.
They are called sorrow cactus. (I hope I have that right)
And they are 60 years old before they grow their first arm.
Can you imagine how old this guy is???
Just amazing.
I had a little bit of a fear that I would accidentally fall into one : ) Yikes

I had the great pleasure to meet Jean Lea, owner of The Attic Needleworks.
She is the sweetest thing and as addicted to cross-stitch as I am.
Double bonus : )
She invited me to come out and teach....and how could I pass up an opportunity like that.
She planned 3 fun filled days complete with a field trip to Vickie L. Jennett's reproduction 19th century farmhouse in Chandler Arizona.
There are no words to describe Vickie's beautiful was an oasis in the desert.
The walls were absolutely covered with gorgeous antique samplers.
I felt as if I had dies and gone to sampler heaven : )
Jean planned for us to have a boxed lunch and we sat in Vickie's beautiful backyard and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery.
And after lunch Vickie graciously invited us into her home to view her collection of samplers and antique notions.
It was a day I won't soon forget.

Vickie's wonderful offerings and patterns are available at The Attic and other needlework shops....hopefully one near you.
Look for or ask for Needle Work Press.

I purchased ~A Sampler Enthusiast's Book of Days for 2011~

Linda Lautenschlager from Chessie & Me was there also. It's always a pleasure to see her.
She was teaching a Unfinished Sampler class.
If you ever have the chance to take this class you won't be disappointed is amazing.
I will see her again in a few months in Spring Green Wisconsin and I so hope she will offer this class again.

I purchased a handful of Lakeside Linens and a silk floss that I can't wait to try.
The colors are amazing.
And Jean's selection of linen and floss is fantastic.
The floss is a 12 strand 100% spun silk from Belle Soie.

Jean will do mail order and she also has a wonderful newsletter that is worth signing up for.
The Attic Needleworks Website

How sweet are these little faces? I knew I had to have them as soon as I laid eyes on them.

Now I have to tell you about a dear sweet friend....Renee Plains.
And I will tell you why these little cuties remind me of her.

Renee offered to let me stay in her home during my stay in Arizona.
Heck, Renee is the reason Jean asked me to come.
I am so blessed and thankful to have such a wonderful friend.

Renee is a very talented quilt designer.....her patterns and books are to die for.
She offers the best sewing notion and tote bag patterns along with wonderful old quilt patterns.
And since my Mom is the seamstress in the family I have a stack of Renee's patterns waiting for her to make for me : )
I know how to work things around here : )

Stop by and check out her descriptions just don't do her justice.
Also look for her designs in your local quilt shop.
Liberty Star

I know you will fall in love with her designs....and her website is as sweet as a button.

So....the story of the dogs.
Renee has 2 wire hair Jack Russel's that I fell in love with.
Hailey & Axle

Hailey welcomed me in their home like we were old friends but Axle just wasn't sure.
It took a little coaxing for him to finally give the o.k.
I'm a dog lover so I was honored that he let me stay : )
Renee took time off to drive me around like Miss Daisy and she took me to the best little shops.
In one of the antique shops I spotted this little dog family and knew it had to be mine.
I will keep them close to my stitching and when I look at them it will remind me of the time I spent in Arizona.

Olde World Quilt Shoppe is another fun place Renee and I went.
I found so many wonderful things......I had to stuff wool and fabrics in every empty square inch of my suitcase but it was worth it.
I purchase 2 big rolls of wool....brown and mustard.

And you know I can't pass up a good homespun.

And these 2 fabrics and the ribbon are ~French General~ by Moda
Love love love French General

And the other spool is linen thread. I loved the look of it so I had to have it.

And I hate to spoil the fun with this but I have to count my blessings.......

I got a phone call early this morning from my son Michael. His voice was calm and collected....he told me he hit black ice and slid off the road on his way to school but that he was ok.
As soon as he said he was not hurt I started thinking of ways that we could get the truck out of the ditch that he slid into.
Then I hear the words.....'well the truck is a little beat up.....I flipped it'
And my world came to a crashing halt.
Flipped it....what do you mean flipped it....

My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest.
Taylor and I threw on clothes and I drove out to him as fast as I could.
Thankfully Taylor was with would have been easy for me to break the land speed record.

But we are counting our blessings tonight. He was not seriously injured and we can always replace a truck.

I'm just thankful that he waited for me to get home from Arizona before he sailed into the ditch
upside down : )

Happy Stitching my friends....


Silvia said...

come sempre cose bellissime.

potresti farmi sapere quache cosa del mio ultimo ordine..........non sarà andato perso ti prego aiutami a sapere qualche cosa.

un bacio silvia

as always beautiful things.

Quach you could let me know what my last order will not be lost .......... please help me to know something.

kiss silvia

Devon said...

I am glad you like Arizona,,I just moved to florida from Az lived there for 14 years and The Attic was my needlework shop,,love Jean and all her help,,after living in florida for a year,,I dont miss the brown or the 120 degree weather..glad to hear your son is ok,,he had angels watching over him..

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Stacy, it was really nice meeting you at Vickie's house on Saturday. I was the " tour guide" for the living room, lol.
Okay, I have to correct you on the cactus. They are Saguaro's. Sorrow would be a good name if you were to bump into one though.
Glad that your son wasn't hurt. It must have scared you silly :(

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

Oh Stacy - sounds like you had a glorious time - what fun and what wonderful hosts you had..I am pea green with envy and here I am stuck in this bitingly cold north pole - well it felt like it yesterday LOL Joni

moosecraft said...

Wowie! So glad your son got through that crash ok! BLack ice will sneak up on anyone... it is scary! Your trip to AZ sounds dreamy! I think all of your readers enjoyed the pictures of sunshine, dry grounds, and thread and fabric too!!!! :-)

HomeSpunPrims said...

So glad your son is alright. He must have had his seatbelt on. Praise the Lord!
The goodies you picked up are wonderful!

Unknown said...

Thank God your son (or anyone else) was not seriously in that ice is so treacherous!!

Your trip to AZ sounds divine...Jackie (Jackie Stitches) posted some wonderful snaps of her trip to the retreat as well...looks like you all had a marvelous time!

Love your stash...those fabrics are so you, LOL! Can't wait to see if they wind up in a new design...

Happy Stitcin'

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Loved reading your post on what you did out in Arizona. sounded like a wonderful time with great hospitality :)!
Your stash is wonderful, love the wool and homespuns.
Sooo sorry to hear your son had the accident. But what a Praise he is ok. Praying for my daughter as she will be driving in it tonight..she has to work and we are supposed to get the snow this evening :(.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind words my friends. With the dawn of this new day we have not forgotten how lucky we were yesterday with my son's accident. I know we were being watched over.

Today the roads are grim with all the new snow coming down. The 1/2 hour drive that it usually takes to his school took much longer. And I think it aged me
5 years : ) I don't much care for snow and ice.

Tanya, it was such a pleasure to meet you my friend. Your stitching is as lovely as you are.
Darn it....I was afraid I didn't get the name of the cactus correct : ) I hope to see you again soon.

For all of you that are having bad weather right now please be safe. I'm going to stay inside as much as I can and play with my new fabrics, linens and floss. I need a little stitching to calm my nerves : )

Happy Stitching,

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Stacy...sounds like a marvelous trip but how scary to get that phone call from your son! youngest is Michael too...oldest son has scared us with those phone calls more times than I care to glad that your son is ok!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so thankful your son was not seriously injured. My daughter had a very similar accident a week ago. That is always a scary phone call! I just started a new blog and showcased your patterns that I have stitched. Your designs are delightful! Have a blessed day!

The Barn Door said...

Hi Stacy! I am from Lebanon, IN and live in Gold Canyon, AZ in the winters (not far from Mesa) I just found your site via Notforgotten Farms and am linking you to my site! Am a rug hooker not a needler but will enjoy keeping up on a fellow Hoosiers blog!

Unknown said...

Welcome Karen....I'm glad to meet you. It's always nice to hear from a fellow Hoosier.
Arizona is just are lucky to be able to enjoy the sunshine.
I love rug hooking and will look forward to checking your blog as I linked to you also.


Beckyjean said...


Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Arizona.

So happy to hear your son was ok.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie.. just read your blog..after I sent you an email.. I am ever so glad your boy is ok..OMG, I can just imagine what you must have been going thru.. these boys of ours!!!!
Oh, and what a gorgeous time you must have had in Arizona.. all those beautiful samplers too.. fabby :)
Love xx Tea

Annemarie said...

Oh my goodness, what a fright you must have had! I'm so glad your son's okay!

Also very glad you wrote such a lovely, chatty post about your adventures in Arizona, and I literally drooled all over my keyboard whilst looking at the pictures of all those wonderful fabrics and threads...

Charlene ♥ SC said...

All your pretties are lovely, but I'm so glad that your DS if alive and well!

Roberta said...

So glad your son is okay! Glad he was in a big truck and was apparently wearing his seatbelt! Sounds like he's a very sensible young guy and didn't panic!

Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the inspiration on a dreary winter day. ~Roberta

Sheri said...

Hi Stacy,

I attended the Primitive Gathering and enjoyed stitching the drum and the finishing was fun. I learned so much and so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. You and I talked about DeKalb, Il, and antiquing. I hope you come back and teach again.


Martin House said...

I lov the homespuns you got...I have been working on several of your patterns lately, and I am loving them!! I just finished the Velveteen Rabbit.

fialka012 said...

Hezký blog...

Lana Manis said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip Stacy! Thank you for sharing.

Thank goodness your son was ok. I have a Michael, as well, and have gotten a few phone calls like that from him. You know what he does for a living now? He's a paramedic for a private ambulance service. Things work out, eventually. :)