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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I've been working on...

~Guided By Virtue~
I just finished up my first Sewing Purse.
I used yummy hand dyed linen and wools and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I've been wanting to stitch an old Colonial ship for awhile now.....finally got a little extra time and it went together pretty easy.

I didn't know exactly what to make it into when I was stitching it....thankfully the idea came to me right before I fell asleep one night. That seems to be when I get my best ideas for some reason.

As you can tell I don't frame too many samplers.....not that I have anything against framed samplers and not to say that this sampler can't be framed.
I guess I just have to be different.
I like to make things that can be used in our everyday stitching lives.

It's big enough to hold lots of magazines or books and stitching projects.
I drag stacks of magazines with me wherever I go....just ask my husband.
Don't do too well with stitching in the car anymore so I take magazines now instead.

I have it displayed on a child size mannequin form so it may look a little bigger than it really is.
The strap is long so you can wear it across you body and it fits me nicely......
maybe too nicely : )

On the back of the purse is a little homespun pocket to hold little scissors and notions.
Across the top of the pocket is a piece of black scalloped sweet.

Hope you like it too.
I'm working on getting the pattern ready to offer along with a brand new Wool Pocket Roll called
~Four & Twenty Blackbirds~

I'm off to clean off my sewing's covered in linen and wool and floss from my two newest projects.
Wow....what a mess!!!
The sooner I get it cleaned off the sooner I can get to makin' another Sewing Purse....
seems to be my new favorite obsession right now : )

Happy Stitching My Friends


Mouse Droppings Folk Art said...

Stacey...that piece is how all the elements fit together so nicely, especially the way the flower designs sit on either side of the ship. Susan

Juels said...

I love it! For some reason I a really drawn to anything related to the sea.

A.B. said...

i love tall ships too and your is just stunning and i'll be waiting patiently for the pattern.

antique quilter said...

I absolutely love this and wow please let me know when the pattern is available not only would I like it as a sewing bag, perfect! but would love to make it for the wall in our family room as well. now I just hope I have the skills to make it. I haven't cross stitched in years but always enjoy seeing your work. its beautiful
thanks for sharing it with us

Annmarie said...

As usual, your work is wonderful. I look forward to adding this to my treasured pieces. Will you make the piece available as a kit... to include all necessary to complete the work. Thanks Annmarie