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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A peek at the new Pocket Roll pattern

Here's what I've been working's the new Pattern that will be ready this weekend.
Yeah, I know.....I haven't finished stitching but I'm a pretty fast finisher.
This is going to be a Pocket Sewing the bottom there will be a nice big pocket to keep graphs, floss and linen. Then it will roll up and tie with silk ribbon.
The outside is going to be silk matka......yummm. It's my new favorite fabric to work with. Wash it before you use it and it's fabulous.

I just talked to Jeanne at Country Sampler and she said she just got some new matka's in.
Oh my goodness.....I can't wait to get my hands on them!!!

Speaking of Jeanne....we chatted about Boxwood & Berries this year. It's going to be off the hook as my son would say : )
She is coming up with the best heart is racing since I talked to her. I can't wait to see everything. I'm working on my projects and Maggie is working on her's so we'll have pics soon. Oh man....Maggie is not going to disappoint....I can't wait to see what she's been working on.

Ok....back on track.....then when the Pocket Roll is folded open you'll see the sampler.

I do love to stitch samplers but I hate to frame them.
Maybe because of the expense of framing and maybe because I just love to feel the linen.
I'm a big feeler.....I touch every textile I can get my hands on.
It's embarrassing sometimes : )
My husband won't shop with me because of my problem : )

So, I love to come up with different ways to have samplers but not frame them.
This pocket roll is a perfect's usable and it displays a wonderful sampler.

Now, this is a lot of stitching for me. I typically don't stitch a sampler this big.....I'd say it'll fit in a 8 X 10 frame.

But, I remembered seeing some old block samplers on a recent antiquing trip and they inspired this design.

You can see in the Peacock block a little bit of blue. Well the whole block was filled in with DMC 169 and I decided it just didn't look right. So, last night I started ripping it out.
Geez....what a pain. But in the long run it will be better.
I'm not sure if it was just the wrong color or if it just wasn't the right style.

When I stitch I don't graph any of my designs out first......I just start stitching.
So, my designs take a lot of different turns before it's complete.
I have a couple ideas to finish the bottom....we'll see which one comes out.

Hope you like's different for me. I typically stick to more of the primitive schoolgirl samplers.
But I think you'll really like the Pocket Roll design. It's fun and they just feel good to hold them.

Happy Stitching My Friend


HomeSpunPrims said...

Oh my, I believe I'll be ordering that pattern from you Stacy! I am a fellow textile feeler so don't feel bad! LOL one of my friends thought it odd of me but I don't care!

basketsnprims said...

Stacy, I love it! Love peacocks anyway. I'm a big toucher, my husband laughs at me everytime we go shopping. Have a great weekend.

moosecraft said...

I do love this design so far! I'll be watching for its release this weekend! If your interested in opinions... I vote for no background for the peacock. There is something about the colors you have there already and the simplicity of it that is so very attractive as-is!

Gillie said...

Looks lovely - I've never done one of your patterns but I do have a biscornu from my friend Karen that I love..... hmmm!

I googled matka since hadn't a clue about it - did you know it's a word used for online gambling in India too, just thought I'd mention it, lol!

Unknown said...

I background color for the peacock.
I'm so happy to hear you like the design. It's coming along and I should have it completed tonight.

You know I hadn't heard of matka until last Fall. Country Sampler had it in stock and Jeanne showed me a stocking that Maggie Bonanomi made. It was awesome and I went home with an arm full of different colors. The key is to wash it first....then it takes on a good nubby muted look. A feelers dream : )
Weird that it has a different meaning in India. And it's funny....that's where most silk matka's come from.

Happy Stitching everyone

Gillie said...

I'm dreadful - forgot to comment on your arm bling! Probably daft to say don't do too much....? Will nip over to Country Stitches and have a look at Matka.

Marianne said...

Stacy what a beautiful design and it will be a clever finish! I do like it! And I agree, love samplers but afterwards they sit until I can figure out a finish besides framing!

Booklinks said...

Hi Stacy,
It looks so lovely I realy want to make this one too!!!
I just framed Blessed be because
its in the kitchen but I love all
your beautiful patterns and samplers.
Have a wonderful weekend,

JOLENE said...

Love it!!! I will definitely be buying this one for sure! Love the peacock and his pretty tail feathers. Smiles....

Lee Morrison said...

Hey Stacy!
Your new sampler is wonderful! I can't wait to get my hands on it! I think your physical therapy has not only healed your arm, but it's enhanced your design skills too!! LOL! Very cool!!

Lee @ Falling Star

Jeanny said...

You make me curious, I will be watching for the release.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..had a giggle when I read about the 'touching' bit..I have had many a strange looks directed my way..cause I do the just can't tell unless you's a NEED...LOL..Love the new design..and I don't know what 'matka' is either, but you got me really excited about trying do i get my hands on some :)

Love n Hugz xxx Tea

Natalia said...

Wow, Stacy.... you did some major damage to your arm !! I am also thankful that it was your left arm and not your right one, as I am becoming a Stacy Nash addict and I don't know what I would do if you could not design any more patterns :-) I know, I know... so selfish of me, but I just love pretty much EVERYTHING you design. I do hope you get better soon and can forget about all those screws in your arm. Big hug for you.

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...
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