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Friday, September 7, 2012

Mom's been having fun

She loves to dig in the dirt!!
And she's getting into the Halloween spirit too with a little gardening.
This big ol' pot had a hydrangea until Mom got ahold of it and planted this.
It's a little spooky and I love it.

The front porch is getting the same treatment.
It's so amazing having a Mom that likes to dig in the dirt.
Did you know she lives with us??
Yep...some of you have met her.  She gets to travel with me sometimes.
And those of you that have met her know what a hoot she is.

We're double trouble for my husband!!!
But he's a good sport and puts up with us.

Well....and then there's Taylor, the triple threat.
She's the one you gotta watch out for : )

I thought this was so fun too.
Just an old bucket with Kale (or cabbage.....I don't really know : ) and potato vine.
I love old buckets!!!
I have a really hard time not buying every one I see.
I have them piled up out husband just shakes his head.
Yeah yeah, honey.....just keep on walkin'



1890* said...

la-la-la "Stacy's Mom has got it going on"..(song)
Gorgeous ideas, Happy Autumn girls!

Shirlee said...

Your mother sounds like a great person : ) My husband tries to pull that "just keep walking" thing on me too ... lol! Enjoy decorating!

Diane said...

My husband shakes his head,
then sighs and calls me "Sanford"!
I tell him, "but I love old stuff...and that includes you!"

cucki said...

happy autumn dear..
love for you xx