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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nashville Spring Market 2012

We have had the best time ever in Nashville.
Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.
But....our butts are dragging!!!
We have sold out of Spring at Hollyberry Farm and 
those sweet little kits are going quick.
So before we rush home to ship orders we'll enjoy another
wonderful day here in Nashville tomorrow.

I snapped a couple quick pics of our room.
Fresh flowers are one of my favorite things so of course we had to bring a nice assortment that reminds us that Spring will soon be here.

 Yummy french tulips.
Ann Bradley is the sampler on the right and 
Spring at Hollyberry Farm is on the left in the background.

 I couldn't tell ya what these dark purple flowers are but I sure to like them.
And here's a little better pic of Spring at Hollyberry.
It's so beautiful in person....tomorrow I will try to get a better pic.

 A girl can never have too many flowers : )

 My Stitching sweet.
I do so love the pale linen.
This is a color I never imagined myself using but it really works for this sweet little design.

 Butternut Tavern is nestled down in an old wire basket full of raw cotton that a friend gave me.

 And the Cat & Mice have a happy little home in an old wooden bowl.

It's been such a wonderful day.
But, I must run.....I think I hear by pj's calling.

Have a great weekend my friends and I'll be back soon to show you better pics of the brand new patterns.



edie said...

Oh, my fingers are twitching. Sure hope the ladies from my LNS got to your room early! Absolutely lovely, Stacy!

Unknown said...

you are one talented lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful hand work !!!!!!!!

moosecraft said...

Such beautiful flowers! I think the purple ones are called Lisianthus? They are available in a few colors, but the purple are my favorite as they really do compliment the tulips quite nicely! As always, your stitches are exquisite! Can't wait to gather needle and thread and start stitching these designs! Enjoy Nashville! Such a pretty area... all year 'round...

cucki said...

awww so sweet..i wish i can come and visit you one day..
love you x

David said...

I love your creations and the way you have displayed them, surrounded by fresh flower bouquets and antique items. Inspiring!