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Monday, July 30, 2012

A little fun in the sun

 I love the sun
and the sand
So any chance I get to sneak away to the beach I'm all in.
We loaded the kids up and went down to the Ft. Myers area for a little fun before school starts.

There's nothing better than getting up with the sun and walking the beach to see what the tide washed in.  I found an area where shells and pieces of sand dollars stuck on the branches of trees.  It was really cool. 

 How beautiful.
It almost doesn't look real.  

One morning we got up early and headed out to Sanibel Island to do a little shelling and we got a little more than we bargained for.
A pod of dolphins were playing in the shallows with their baby.
They swam around the kids and played for the longest time.  Taylor was fearless and was in the middle of it the whole time.  I, on the other hand, stayed on the beach with the camera.
Then after a half hour or so my Mom says....'are we sure those are dolphins.'
Oh my gosh....
That's my Mom for ya : )

And while we were sunning and playing a dear friend of mine called.....Pat from R & R Reproduction Linens.  Pat and Ann live in Virginia Beach so they know all about fun in the sun : )
I have fallen in love with their linens and I used their 32 count Liberty Gathering Grey for my newest Wool & Flax Pocket Roll pattern.  And I used a lot of their linens in my book that will be released in Sept.
 You can buy linen directly from them and they have the Liberty Gathering Grey in stock.
If you are a consumer contact:

And if you are a shop owner contact:

Oh, and here is how you make the Spiced Honey

I keep mine in a little half pint canning jar and I have 1 cinnamon stick, 2 star anise and 5 or 6 cloves.
I heat up the honey in the microwave and pour it over the spices.  
And as it runs low I just add a little more warm honey to the same spices.
My mouth is watering

Have a great day my friends....I'm off to hopefully do a little stitching


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breakfast of champions

Since my last post was about my BFF Maggie I'm going to keep this train rollin' 
with another Maggie inspired favorite.....

Our new breakfast of champions....

greek yogurt
fresh strawberries
drizzled with a little spiced honey

During the Grand Olde Flag Girl Gathering in Spring Green Maggie showed us all how to make spiced honey with a few cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise.  
And oh my is YUM!!!

In fact, as soon as I finish up this post I'm going to head outside and enjoy this sweet little treat.
Since the heat wave seems to be over us girls sit outside on the porch in the morning and have a little business meeting over coffee and yogurt.
It's my favorite part of the day : )

I also wanted to give you some info about
The Embassy Suites/ St.Louis-St.Charles
Two Convention Center Plaza
St.Charles, Missouri 

September 19-22

Visit the website for more info on classes and special events.
It's my first time attending this retail show and I'm so excited.
  I've heard really good things about this show and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

There will be 
retail vendors
many special events

Hope to see you there.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to launch my new book at the show.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Maggie inspired cupboard...

This awesome cupboard was inspired by my BFF Maggie Bononami.
I just saw her in Spring Green, Wisconsin and again in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

It has come to my attention that she is a bad influence.....
the more I'm around her the more money I spend : )
We had a nice little spending spree at Country Sampler in Spring Green and I loaded the van full of purchases in Lee's Summit.

So....I have to share some good shopping places and an awesome antique show that's coming up again in September.

Greenwood Merchantile
409 Main Street
Greenwood, Missouri


Millett & Co.
808 Main Street
Greenwood, Missouri

When I find myself in Missouri I always have to visit these shops.  My house is full of treasures from Greenwood.

Old Summit Country Antique Show
held at John Knox Pavilion
400 N.W. Murray Road
Lee's Summit, Missouri

The next show is September 15, 2012
And I'll be in St. Charles, Missouri for the Celebration of Needlework show just a few days later so the timing is perfect.  Maybe we'll run into each other roaming the isles : )

Here are all my things in my Maggie inspires cupboard....

 Love my puzzle ball pinkeeps.....Maggie was the first to introduce me to these sweet little things. 
And the mercury glass compote was purchased last year on my Spring Green trip.

 My sweet little strawberry.
So my Mom went with me to Lee's Summit and on our way home Maggie invited us to come by and see her house. 
 OMG does not come close to describing it. 
It's amazing!!!
Of course I've seen bits and pieces of her house in her books, but to see it in person was a real treat.
And to top it all off Maggie gave me this sweet little strawberry pinkeep that she made.
I held it all the way back to Indianapolis. 
And now it has a good home in the cupboard on top of a little pinkeep that my Mom found in Greenwood.
 My Mom likes old books and she finds them everywhere we go.
The bundle of old letters were found in Tennessee when were there for Market in the Spring.

 I love old textiles....I found this nice old piece of homespun at the antique show in Lee's Summit.
There were lots of pieces to chose from.

 Mom found these old bobbins at the antique show too. 
The little one makes a nice scissor holder.

We seem to be on a kick of buying old crystal salt and pepper shakers.
Mom found these little cuties in Greenwood.

 And Maggie has me looking for these sweet little tin boxes wherever I go.
She has an amazing collection and she sent me one that I use as a sewing box.
It's one of my most coveted treasures.

 And this big boy came from Greenwood Mercantile......right outta Maggie's booth.
The funny thing is I was with her in Wisconsin when she bought it.
Well as soon as I saw the darn thing I knew I had to have it!!! 
It's right at home in my Maggie cupboard.....right in front on the big ol' platter I 
bought from Maggie a few years ago.
Are you starting to see a theme here?!?!

 This little basket is too cute....and guess where it came from......
the antique show in Lee's Summit  : )
From the same people I bought the cupboard from.
I filled it with the coolest old looking papers we bought from Country Sampler.
They look like old ledger can see a couple behind that big old platter.

And the gourd was found at an antique shop that's right around the corner from Maggie's house.

And the cookie cutters.....they are another Maggie related story.
So Maggie shows up to the Country Sampler for the Grand Olde Flag Girls Gathering last month with this amazing old cookie cutter.....It was huge and in the shape of a folk art bird. 
Maggie even used it to make all of us shortbread cookies......and boy did they taste good.
So.....on the way home from Lee's Summit I ran across this big ol' goat cookie cutter and I had to get it.  Then I found a little chick cookie cutter......and then I found 2 little folky flower cookie cutters.
It was just comical.....everywhere I looked I saw cookie cutters.

But Maggie's cookie cutter is amazing....I've never seen anything like it.  And she's having someone reproduce it so maybe one day soon we can all have one.  I'll let y'all know when she has them know I've got to have one to go in my Maggie cupboard : )

Oh....and the photo shoot was pretty amazing too!!!
We found the perfect place and my editor and photographer were fantastic.  And thankfully my Mom was with me.....I couldn't have done it without her. 
 I've been blessed with the perfect team.  We picked the hottest day of the year but my team hung in there and we knocked it out before someone passed out.
.   I had a certain look that I really wanted for the pictures and my editor went above and beyond and found just what I wanted.
 I don't want to spoil the book with too many details.....just trust me when I say you will love it.

Decorating is it's back to

Until next time my friend......