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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spring Fever has set in

Christmas is over.....and we had the best family time.
The kids are still on break and we have so many things planned before the fun is over....
ice skating
and a few movies
maybe even a fresh batch of cookies or two

We have a big warm up coming and our sledding hill will soon be mud so we'll have to hurry.

But even with all this excitement I can feel Spring Fever creeping in.
I'm ready to take the tree and greenery down, pull out all my favorite linen blankets and fill vases and pitchers with white tulips.
Soon....very soon the transformation will begin.

I covered a few little thimble boxes and sewing boxes with vintage papers and I'm stitching some sweet little samplers and velvet berries to finish them off.

I'll use pale blues and drab tans and browns for the samplers and fabrics.
These little projects will help my Spring Fever.
And I'll offer them on my website when they 're finished.

I still LOVE all the silver pieces I collected for Christmas and I'll keep them for my Spring decorating.
The pitchers will be perfect for tulips and the bowls will be filled with fresh green moss and eggs.
I might even sneak in a few chocolate eggs ; )

But until then I'll enjoy all my little bottle brush trees and creamy wool blankets.

And with the brand New Year just around the corner I have so many things to think about and to plan.
I'd like to stitch more and offer more finished pieces.
This year I've found myself so busy with other poor stitching chair is starting to collect dust.
I'd like to get back to offering new patterns every month. My journals are filled with new designs I want to try.
And throughout the year I'll offer larger framed samplers. They are my passion and the inspiration for Stacy Nash Primitive Designs.

I have SO many things to be grateful and thankful for....

all the wonderful and kind people I've met in my classes
that have become fast friends

inspiring shop owners that have hosted my classes
and my clubs

all of my customers that have become cherished
friends through emails and letters

the many many designers that I've had the pleasure
to meet in my travels and the help that they've
been kind enough to offer me

and my family that have put up with all of my
up's and down's and have always been there
to support me

I am so looking forward to another wonderful year full of new designs, samplers, sewing needfuls and friendships.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with good food, family and friends.

Until next time my friend....
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's a cold winters afternoon, I wish I was doing this....

The house is soooo quiet....ahhhh. Taylor and Michael are in school and hubby is at work
The tv is off and I'm sitting here catching up on some paperwork.
Then I start to notice snoring.....coming from every direction.
I look around and this is what I see....

Sidney the dog and Phoebe that cat are holding down my stitching chair.

Oh wait....I caught her so now maybe she thinks she should get down.

Black dog Phylo and brown dog Abner are holding down the sofa.
They are even using the furry pillows to cushion their little heads.
Lazy lazy dogs.

Life is tough here at the Nash homestead.

Abner loves to have his picture taken....but today he's just too tired to cheese it up.

We hope you are having a warm snuggly day.....and maybe even catching up on some stitching : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm screaming with excitement

Oh my's's website is updated.
I'm dancing and singing I'm so excited.....and yes, my family is looking at me a little strange.
Honestly I thought this was never going to happen.....I felt like it was lost in cyberspace.
But no, it's actually done. And we're working on a better check-out system now.
It's looking really good....I'm just not sure how fast the new check-out will be ready. Until then just use the Purchase buttons to send me an email if you're interested in anything.

So, last night I worked on my website until my eyeballs were going to fall out.
But we took a quick break and all us girls went to go see Tangled. It was really cute and the break was much needed. I would actually go see it again it was so good.....maybe we'll try the 3-D version.....Taylor just isn't sure about the glasses. Maybe if they made them in pink or purple : )

And today we were going to go to Christmas at the Zoo but poor little Taylor is sick as a dog. I feel so bad.....and she is more than a little mad that we can't go. She gets her temper honest.
It's snowing like crazy and we were getting all of our cold weather gear out and then boom.....sick as a dog. We're going to try it again on Tuesday....keeping my fingers crossed.

So, my website is updated....did I say that already? : )

Here are the new things I added:

~Home for Christmas Pattern Book~ is on the Pattern Books page

~Pine Tree Farm Pinkeeps Pattern~ is on the Sewing Needfuls page

This pattern included both the large and small pinkeeps. They are really sweet together.

~Colonial Homestead Pinkeep Drum Pattern~ is on the Sewing Needfuls page.

~12 Days of Christmas Sewing Roll Pattern~ is on the Christmas Patterns page.

This sampler just kept growing and my head it didn't look this big.
It's ginormous.....but sweet.
Just the sampler measures 20" wide by 10 1/2" high.
The outside is pieced together pieces of cream and buffalo check tan wool.

I also added some things on my Finished Goodes page. If you still need things for Christmas we can ship them Priority Mail right away.

Thank you my friends for your patience and kindness. I can only imagine how frustrating it's been with my website and my email troubles.
But I'm still here and I'm still designing and stitching like crazy.
And believe me....I have no shortage of ideas.

Until next time....Happy Stitching

Friday, December 10, 2010

A fun little secret and some other stuff

Before I get to the the fun little secret I have to show you pics of our favorite Christmas tree farm. Last weekend we headed out to pick our annual Nash Christmas tree and it was so beautiful. Now as you know I don't like the cold and snow but even I have to admit it was gorgeous.

Oh yes, and big brother Michael has to make Taylor squeal by throwing snowballs at her.
But she got a few good hits in on him too.

And here it is.....our Christmas tree being drug through the snow.

And now it's all decorated. It's full of all my old glass ornaments and we strung a popcorn and cranberry garland. It will be a miracle if the garland makes it to Christmas.....the dogs have decided they like popcorn and every now and then I catch one of them nibbling on it....ugh

Oh and I have to show you these wonderfully old looking papers. I bought them in the Fall when I was at Country Sampler. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but they were so cool I couldn't pass them up.
This was so easy and I love sitting at my desk looking at smells good too. I just rolled the paper up and popped it down in a glass vase and then threw a few fresh sprigs of greenery in the center.

I love love love this big huge picture. Sometimes when I'm sitting at my computer working I find myself staring at her. Now do you see how I get so far behind ; )
Jeanne at Country Sampler ordered this picture for me in the Spring and I finally got to see her in the Fall. I couldn't wait to get home and hang her up. I saved this huge spot for her for 6 months and now finally she's here.
It barely fit in the back of the truck and I worried about it all the way home. But thankfully she made it in one piece.
This is where I fell off the ladder and broke my arm in the Spring. Every time I looked at that big bare wall that's all I could think about. But now all I see is this beautiful picture.
Thanks Jeanne : )

Here are more of those wonderful old looking papers. I had 5 of the same print so I just rolled them up and stuck them in an old pitcher with some fresh sprigs of greenery.

Ok, this is one of my favorite things that I bought on the way back from Wisc. last Fall. I love this old thing and it will stay on the mantel every season. Spring it will be filled with tulips, summer I'll throw some hydrangeas in it and I just took my bittersweet out so I could add the holly.
This is the one piece that inspired my Holiday decorating.....lots of old silver and mercury glass.

This little thing is too stinkin' cute too. Got it at the same time I bought the old trophy.
So, now I can share the fun little secret.
See the old silver platter in the background?
Now look down at the next picture.....

This is hanging on the front old silver platter, a little fresh greenery and a couple small old pitchers. Every year I would hang a fresh greenery wreath with some pine cones and a little ribbon and that just sounded boring . So I kicked it up with some old silver.
I have silver platters and pitchers and bowls all over the house for the Holidays. Bowls full of fruits and nuts, pitchers full of greenery and glass candy dishes set on silver platters.
And you will never guess where they came from.....the Goodwill Store.
I know....I couldn't believe it.
This is actually my Moms fun little secret.....she has been scouring all the Goodwill Stores around the Indianapolis area collecting all these old silver pieces. And the prices are incredible.....$10. or less. I'd say the average piece is 3 or 4 bucks.
So fun!!
And soon we'll be filling some of the silver platters with fresh baked cookies to give as gifts.

Last night we were talking about our store.....we miss it so. One year for our Christmas Open House we filled the store with old white milkglass......and I don't mean a few.....I'm talking about a ton. If you put a candle in a milkglass urn it has the softest glow. And little sugar and creamers are so cute with tealights. Mom shopped at all the Goodwill stores for weeks and collected tons of milkglass. We had so much fun with that just never knew what we were going to collect.

And a little update on my website.....I think we got it going. I'm a little afraid to get too excited but I think it's going to be updated tomorrow. I have a new book ~Home for Christmas~ and 2 new patterns ~12 Days of Christmas Sewing Roll~ and ~Colonial Homestead Pinkeep Drum~ that I hope to add. And I'll have a few finished pieces to offer too.
I have to give a big huge thanks to my husband. He has put in many many hours trying to figure this out. And I have to thank a stranger on the husband met a very nice man on one of his forums that has gone out of his way to help us. It's really been a blessing.
I hope to pay it forward one day.

So, that's the news from the homestead. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'll let you know as soon as the website is up and running.
Oh, and I'll put up some pics of the new patterns here too.

Happy Stitching my friends....