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Monday, August 30, 2010

Boxwood & Berries Projects

Boxwood & Berries is just around the corner....I can't believe it.
The heat wave has finally let up a little here and I pulled out all of my Fall and Halloween books and magazines. I even saw pumpkins in someone's yard last week.....good grief.
Now don't get me wrong....I love the Fall but I'm still holding on to summer with both hands.
I don't really know why....the yard is dry and ugly and my tan has faded.

But the thought of going back up to Wisconsin and seeing Jeanne again gives me butterflies. She is the most fantastic hostess and her shop is gorgeous. That's where I get all my fabrics and goodies.....woo hoo!!

If you don't know about Boxwood & Berries it's hosted by Jeanne at the Country Sampler in Spring Green Wisc. This is our 3rd year I teach along with Barb & Alma from Blackbird Designs and Maggie Bonanomi.
(Maggie just had a new book come out called ~Comfort Zone~ and it is fantastic!!!!
I got a peek at the finished pieces that you will see in the book at Primitives of the Midwest in Lees Summit. It's a must-have!!)

Spring Green is a sweet little town with lots of shopping and restaurants.
And Jeanne plans everything....we start the day off with a great breakfast, work on projects until afternoon when we break for lunch at one of the quint little restaurants or we have it brought in so we can keep working, then we have a fun little snack and our day ends with a nice dinner.
Evenings are spent shopping, stitching, sewing and making new friends or catching up with old friends.

I love that everyone spends so much time together.....some great friendships have been made over the last few years.
And I love that we can break off and shop throughout the day. It's a nice break from the real world ; )

Jeanne has some wonderful surprises in store and everyone goes home with a wonderful tote full of goodies.

This year Boxwood & Berries will be in 2 sessions to accommodate the demand.
The first session is October 5th -8th and the second session is October 9th-12th.

There are still a few openings in each session.
If you are interested check out the website or give them a call for more information.
Country Sampler Website

~Jingle All the Way~ Pinkeep Drum is one of my projects.
And it has a sweet little Heart Emery on the top.

This sweet little Emery can be made into a necklace with a bit of ribbon so you have your pins and needles close at hand when you're stitching.
Or with a little ribbon loop it can be made into a Pinkeep Ornament.

And this is another project for Boxwood & Berries.....~Emily Deerfield's Sewing Roll~
This is a brand new design and it's just so sweet.

If you can't make it to Boxwood & Berries this year but would still like to have the kits give the girls at Country Sampler a call or email them to get your name on the list.

Happy Stitching My Friends....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Time flies when you're havin' fun

I just can't believe summer is almost over.
Say it ain't so.
I feel like we've been in fast forward since the first of July.
Here are some of the things we've been up to:

Before my step-son had to leave for camp we stole a day and visited an exotic cat rescue in Center Point Indiana.
Of course we picked the hottest day of the entire year.....and I mean hot.
But, it was still fun....the guy that founded this rescue is amazing and really has a passion for these big cats. He's been on Animal Planet a few times.....that's where I found out about him and I couldn't believe he was right here in Indiana.

On the way there I glanced in the back seat and this is what I saw.....
a sleeping turkey and a monkey with a bag on her head.
Yep, these are my kids....Michael is 18 and Taylor is 5.
My step son was happy he didn't get caught in this pic : )

Check this girl out....she is beautiful.
And if it seems like we're close.....we are.
I could have reached my hand out and touched her.
Thankfully there was a fence between me and her.
Tony Stuart donated money for this houses 3 tigers.
My MIL is a Tony fan so we had to take this pic to show her.

This was Taylor's favorite.....a white tiger.
She is gorgeous. And you would never guess she is blind.

We had the best time and hope to go back on a cooler day this Autumn.
There are lots more than just tigers. We saw leopards, lions, cougars and bobcats.

Oh yeah....they offer a little over night cottage on the property.
They say it's awesome to sit outside in the evening and listen to the cats roar.
My husband and I plan on sneaking away before winter for an overnight.
I think it would be pretty cool to sit outside early in the morning and drink
my coffee with the critters.

And a few weeks later we were at Norris Lake in Tennessee.
Our family vacation destination.

This is the view I had from my pink blow up chair everyday.
The water was unbelievably warm, clean and clear.
We were told that it was almost 60 feet deep of the
end of our

And there were no bugs. I still can't get over it.
We took tons of bug spray thinking mosquitoes would be terrible.....
but we never touched it.
Here at home it's a different story......there are mosquitoes around here
that could carry off a small child.

And here is my daredevil.....Taylor is the one in the middle screaming with excitement.
She loved this and didn't get off of it one time the whole day.
My nephew is on the left and my hubby is on the right.
She was even standing up on it like a surfboard.

Two days after we got home from Norris Lake I was on the road to Kansas City where I taught
at Primitives of the Midwest.
It was a real treat.....I had the best time.
Thank you again to all that attended my classes.
And a big thank you to Rita and her wonderful staff at Quilter's Station.
I spent a little time with Maggie and I got to see all the projects from her new book
~Comfort Zone~
She is amazing. Her book wasn't out yet so as soon as I got home I ordered it.

I also got to spend some time with Sue Spargo and Renee Plains.
I am such a luck girl : )
Renee's new book ~A Bird in Hand~ is out and I got to sneak a peek at it.
She is awesome and her book is gorgeous.

Last week we visited the Indiana State Fair.
We always get a good laugh at all the weird foods they have.
This year was fried butter.....yep.....fried butter.
I tried to talk my son into trying it but he wouldn't go near it.

And here are a few other things that caught our eye.....

What on earth.....the boys actually said it sounded good.

And fried can't come to Indiana and not try fried bologna : )
My personal favorite is a good old fashioned elephant ear.

Hahaahaa....this is Michael again. Thankfully he doesn't look at my blog or I would
be in big big trouble.
This is a game we play.....or I should say I play. I try to catch him off guard and snap
his picture. This one trip to the fair I got about 20 sneak pics.
He's a funny kid....but by the end of our trip his patience was wearing thin.
He paid me back by throwing me into the pool.

So Michael is back in school....he's a senior this year. And Taylor starts school next Monday....thank goodness : ) She is in kindergarten.
Taylor is very excited about school.....all she wants to do is ride the school bus.
Next year is going to be very interesting....Michael will be in his first year of college and Taylor will be in her first year of private school. Ugh....I'm starting to panic already!!!

But even with all this excitement I have found a little time to stitch.
I have 2 projects for Boxwood & Berries done. I'll be posting pics this week.
Jeanne at Country Sampler said there are still a few openings in the second session so give them a call if you are interested.

And I have some things made up for a few new patterns. I've had the best time stitching them....I don't want to stop. It never fails....when I'm working on one project I get ideas for more projects.

And we can't forget about Malabar Farms....that show is just around the corner.
In The Spirit of Friends
Sept. 18th
Malabar Farm
Lucas, OH
I've been stitching and stashing some finished pieces to bring along with some new patterns and kits.

So....that's what I've been up to....what have you been up to??